UnitedKS Law Firm is one prestigious Turkish law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey for delivering up-to- date legal services to meet domestic and international clients’ needs in a world of globalization. UNITEDKS law firm possesses more than twenty-eight years of experience in the legal area and represents international and local major listed companies, small and mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.

As UNITEDKS, we provide our clients with the highest quality service in means of flexibility, accuracy and promptness and customized solutions for their specific needs and problems in the best effective and time-efficient way within the professional principles. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality counseling, litigation and enforcement services to local and international clients in various business areas including textile, pharmaceuticals, finance, investment, auto glass.

Commercial Law

Our team is specialized and experienced on commercial litigation affairs for the all types of trial and dispute resolution and the corporate transactions as incorporations, mergers, acquisitions, private equity transactions, IPOs, spin-off, joint ventures and legal advising to achieve the business objectives of our local and international clients.

Contract Law

Our team is specialized and experienced on preparing and negotiating all types of contract as the contracts on banking & finance, ordinary and complex commercial affairs, construction, franchising, leasing & factoring, transportation, labor, real estate, consumer products and insurance.

Foreign Invesments

Our law firm is an international law firm that has been giving consultancy to clients who are Turkish citizens localized and settled in foreign countries or companies that mentioned citizens own or have shares or real/legal persons who are abroad before they make any direct investments in Turkey or before any privatization or before attending to any projects as ‘build-operate-transfer’ or before attending to any tender which are initiated by state institutions and organizations notably the state.

Banking & Finance Law

Our law firm provides extensive services with its well connections on Turkish Financial Market for long years to our clients about project-finance, loan agreements, security and pledge agreements, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, guarantees and other financing transactions including asset-based lending transactions, real estate, structured trade, commodity and investment-grade financing. In addition to this, UnitedKS successfully represents its clients all manner of the court or organizations in reference to controversies either before or after the controversy arising about above mentioned matters.

Capital Market Law

Our law firm has well experiences on capital market law for long years in the matters of capital market and stock market regulations and applications, bonds and bills, futures market, foreign currency transactions, public offering and all capital market instruments and transactions. Our law firm performs works especially for the companies on making the process suitable, supervising and inspecting the compatibilities to legal regulations under the capital market law and we consult both real persons and ‘real persons and organizations’ who are discussed on capital market transactions by companies that are listed on stock market and are trading, and assets/bonds companies that mediates to mentioned companies due to capital market and stock market laws and notices.

Labor Law

Our law firm is specialized on controversies between employees and employers and especially gives extensive legal consultancy services to companies and human resources of the companies due to performing preventive legal function before the controversy between employee and employer is arisen. In case of need, our law firm arranges courses to the managers of the companies who are related to the subject and consults and makes in-house regulations about minimizing the controversies which may arise on the related subject.

Intellectual Property Law

Our Law Firm provides consultancy and registration services on copy rights, trademarks and industrial designs, patent and petty patents, sourcing, data protection and utilization and we have an experienced and expert team for the breaches and cases about these breaches.

Tax and Duty Law

Our Law Firm provides consultancy services on corporation tax, stamp tax, value added tax, charges, cancellation of tax fines, transfer pricing and smuggling penalties and double taxation subjects and we have an experienced and expert team to pursue legal and penal cases before the related court or organizations in case of disputes which may be arisen with the administration.

Construction and Energy Law

Our Law Firm provides consultancy services on preparing and negotiating construction project agreements, estate financing, license obtaining, contractor and subcontractor agreements, FIDIC agreements and license, operating and maintenance related to construction. Also, required legal services are given by us domestically and internationally in case of demand and our law firm participates on controversies arisen from construction projects.

Economical and Commercial Crimes

Some of the problematic acts and transactions that commercial corporations are unavoidably facing in trade life are; commercial fraud, abusing trust, bribery, peculation, commercial information leaking, smuggling, tax evasion, money laundering, insider trading, unfair profit at capital markets and manipulation.
UnitedKS law firm offers legal consultancy service for real people and corporations about these issues and successfully represents clients at civil and criminal actions related to these crimes.

Mediation & Arbitration

Our Law Firm provides consultancy services to litigate the dispute before the arbitrations within the scope of finance, competition, intellectual property, product liability, real estate and commercial law and the recognition of the arbitration awards in Turkey and we provide consultancy services on the mediation issues.

Enforcement and Litigation

One of the most important issues for companies and real people which are in service at commercial and law fields is, satisfactorily follow up and collection of debts in time. In order to cope with this issue, it is essential to have a great knowledge about enforcement and bankruptcy code and other related regulations and follow up them is essential. Besides, follow up of debts before enforcement offices and legal authorities is taking an important part in people’s business life as a special and expertness requiring matter.

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